Three River Tour

300 km Roundtrip


Distance 300 km
Roundtrip: yes
Signage: along the route

This roundtrip offers three rivers for the price of one. The decision of where to start your bike tour is entirely yours. The sequence described in the following should serve only as a suggestion:

Let’s say you start in the Beethoven City of Bonn. Catch a fascinating view of the Siebengebirge Mountains. At the mouth of the Ahr River near Remagen you enter the Ahr bike path. The "Red Wine Valley" is renowned for its wine festivals and ostrich farms. The medieval centers of Ahrweiler or the Ahr thermal spas in Bad Neuenahr are points of interest along the way.
Near the spring of the Ahr River, imposing attractions recount the medieval history of the castle village Blankenheim.  
In Nettersheim-Holzmülheim, only 10 km away, you’ll find the spring of the Erft River.

While biking along the banks of the Erft River, you’ll pass the stone-faced witnesses of the Roman Empire, fortified city walls, mighty castles of medieval times, and magnificent palaces from the glory days of Rhenish nobility.
In the Bergheim and Bedburg region you’ll see an entirely different picture: Gigantic surface mining facilities are an indicator of today’s industrial activities. If you are interested, information is available at the exhibit on Rhenish Lignite Mining inside Paffendorf Castle, and the huge excavators can also be seen at work from one of the surface mining visitor platforms.

For the last portion of the Erft bike path, bikers have to choose between a Roman theme and Arts & Culture. We have a little bit of both: Dyck Castle and the Roman Encampment in Neuss are always worthy of your time, and the Insel Hombroich Museum provides an entirely new concept for museums, the arts and nature in unison. At the confluence of the Erft and Rhine rivers, you continue onto the Rhine Track Adventure Path.

Following a few quiescent kilometers past the medieval village of Zons, you will be captivated by the liveliness of Cologne. Again and again your eyes will drift onto the water: push boats, excursion boats, row boats and ferries will accompany you while biking along the Rhine River. Ancient downtowns and river terraces present beer gardens and cafes, so after experiencing this multi-facetted section, you will return to your starting point in Bonn. 

(Images: Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V., Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V., Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V., Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V.,

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