The Navigation App for the Rhineland

The “QuoRadis” App guides you through the Rhineland and tells you the history of the interesting sights along the way through videos and audio recordings.

Special routes have been developed for the “QuoRadis” App, which will make you more familiar with the highlights of the Rhineland and the region. In addition to this, you will also find a number of popular, signposted one-day and multi-day tours, such as the Erft-Radweg (Erft Cycle Trail), Radweg Sieg (Sieg Cycle Trail) or the Terranova Speedway.

Suitable tour suggestions are provided for hobby cyclists and families and for sporty cyclists. You can also put together your own cycle tours and allow yourself to be navigated from your front door to any destination in North Rhine Westphalia.

The App will take you to the most important sights in the Rhineland to the most beautiful beer gardens and the friendliest hosts or, in an emergency, to the nearest bicycle workshop.

QuoRadis is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the App Store or Google Play. The App is currently only available in German.