The Junction Point Network in the Rhineland

“Cycling by numbers” – according to the model from the Netherlands and Belgium, flexible tour planning using the extensive junction point system is also possible in the region around Cologne and Bonn.

The honeycomb junction point network of Radregion Rheinland supplements the existing, uniformly signposted cycle route network throughout the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

If routes in this honeycomb system intersect, this represents a junction point. The number of each junction point is easy to see from the familiar signs, which also show the destinations nearby and further away as well as the distance in kilometres. Below the signs, inserts show the direction and number of the next junction points. At each junction point, an information panel with a large overview map shows which route to take to get to the next junction point.

The 430 junction points now in place in Radregion Rheinland allow you to plan and organise your next cycle tour quite easily without any local knowledge. The Radregion Rheinland tours portal and the NRW cycle route planner show all of the junction points. Simply jot down or remember the junction point numbers you want to cycle to and follow the respective signposts. The overview panels at each junction point make it possible to decide spontaneously to go a different way and re-plan the route.

In the meantime, the junction point system has also been broadly introduced in the neighbouring regions around Radregion Rheinland. So you can link your cycle tours throughout almost the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Both beforehand and en route, the cycle route map “Radfahren in der RadRegionRheinland – Mit Knotenpunktnetz und ausgewählten Themenrouten” (Cycling in RadRegionRheinland - With the junction points network and selected themed routes) is ideal for planning cycling tours using the junction point network. Published by Bielefelder Verlag (BVA), it is available from our shop or in bookshops.