On a witch’s broom through the Voreifel region


Distance 58,1 km
Roundtrip: yes
Route ist not signposted.
start Marktplatz Bonn
end Marktplatz Bonn

Welcome to the “Hexenritt”, or “witch’s broom ride”, a bike tour that offers around 60 km of entertaining, spooky and educational information about the history of the persecution of witches. The tour takes you from Bonn via Alfter, Rheinbach and Swisttal, before ending back in Bonn. The stations along the way are all closely linked to the topic and take you on a journey back in time. These days, witches and their persecution are often associated with the Middle Ages. However, this is a misconception, since the period of the major persecution of witches in Europe was mainly between 1600 and 1650. At that time, between 40,000 and 60,000 people were killed. In the Voreifel region, between Bonn and Rheinbach, there were also witch trials during this time. One of the prisons used for “witches” can still be seen in Rheinbach today, in what is known as the Hexenturm (“Witch’s tower”).

From the bus station at Bonn main station, travel about 500 m via Wesselstrasse and at Hof, directly to the Bonner Marktplatz market square.

(Images: Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V., Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V., Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V., RadRegionRheinland e.V., RadRegionRheinland e.V.)

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