Castles on the Bröl and Sieg rivers


Distance 40,4 km
Roundtrip: no
Route ist not signposted.
start Bahnhof Hennef (Sieg)
end Bahnhof Schladern

On the banks of the Bröl and Sieg rivers, there are historic castles and mystical ruins in the middle of wonderful natural surroundings, which tell many stories of times long gone by on routes far away from noisy roads. The stories tell of past events and reflect the different epochs of the Bergisches Land region, named after the Counts von Berg.

On this tour, you can find out interesting information about Herrnstein, Herrenbröl and Windeck castles.

The challenging tour is suitable for mountain bikers and tour cyclists in good physical condition.


The Hennef and Schladern stations are both reached from Cologne by the RE9, S12 and S19 trains. There are also car parks at each station.

(Images: RadRegionRheinland e.V., ConceptBase, ConceptBase)

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