Wind- and watermill tour, day 1


Distance 50,7 km
Roundtrip: yes
Route ist not signposted.
start Bedburger Mühle
end Bedburger Mühle

Since there are so many mills waiting to be discovered, you can complete this route in two days and stay overnight in Bedburg or Bergheim, for example.

The close proximity of the wind- and watermills resulted from the fact that the region is generally flat and there is a strong westerly wind, which meant that flour production in the watermills along the Erft river could be supplemented by the windmills.

After the tour begins at the Bedburger Mühle mill, where you can also take some refreshment before starting off, the first day takes you to the Rather Mühle mill, of which only a stump is now left, past Burg Geretzhoven castle towards Pulheim, where you’ll find the Stommelner Mühle mill, which is still functional, but which was put out of operation in 1975. Then, you reach the Brauweiler Mühle mill, a stone tower windmill of the “Wall Dutch” type, which until 1810 was made of wood. Now it’s time to take a break in the Glessener Mühlenhof mill courtyard, before continuing to the Oberaußemer Mühle mill, which since 2005 has been saved from collapse and which is due to become the site of a local history museum. The circular tour ends back at the Bedburger Mühle mill.


Bedburg station is reached from Cologne via the RB38 train. From there, cycle 1.5 km along the Bahnstrasse and Lindenstrasse streets until you reach the Bedburger Mühle mill. There is a car park at the Bedburger Schloss palace, directly next to the Bedburger Mühle.

(Images: RadRegionRheinland e.V.)

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