Benedictine Abbey Michaelsberg Siegburg


Bergstraße 26

53721 Siegburg

Phone: (02241) 19433

The mountain in the middle of the city of Siegburg, which can be seen from far away and bears witness of the interesting history experienced by the city and the abbey, came into being by volcanic strengths. In the course of the fortification of the Cologne bishopric, Anno II., the archbishop of Cologne, achieved control of the Siegberg (Sieg  mountain), which had been the residence of the Lotharingian count up until then. In 1064, Anno founded an abbey on top of the mountain, which he put under the special patronage of the archangel Michael.
The museum, which was opened in 1983, presents a wide collection displaying the abbey’s history, among others with exhibits from the period in between the two World Wars, when the abbey was reconstructed, and from the period after 1945, exhibits which were discovered in the course of excavations or restoration measures. There are exhibits like capitals, sculptures, stone fragments, manuscripts, stencil drawings and early engravings from the abbey possession, liturgical textiles and grave finds from the Reginhard grave (1105) and the grave of Wilhelm von Hochkirchen (1610).

(Images: Michael Zajusch)