Rheinbach fortress


Himmeroder Wall

53359 Rheinbach

The dungeon tower was maintained

The Rheinbach fortress was erected in the second half of the 12th century by the knights and Messrs. of Rheinbach. The fortress were walled-in border fortifications with several towers, which were surrounded by water ditches. In 1673, the city was destroyed by the troops of the Prince of Orange. Today, only the witch tower is maintained, which is open to the public. The former donjon is a mighty four-floor round tower made of quarry stone. Its diameter amounts to 9 metres and it has a height of 34.5 metres. The room in the lowest floor was probably used as the dungeon in the years of the witch-hunting (1631-1636). Inside of the tower in the ground floor there are inner cesspools; in the third floor there is a fireplace and a wall opening to the battlements of the former city wall.

(Images: RVT e.V.)