Konradsheim Castle


Frenzenstraße 201

50374 Erftstadt-Konradsheim

Phone: (02235) 690180

Facsimile: (02235) 953702

Mobile: (0177) 6901800

The water-surrounded Burg Konradsheim is an example of a late medieval castle.
It was first mentioned in 1337 and slowly deteriorated over the centuries, and so only remnants of the former fortification remained in place. But the residential building has changed very little and, following World War II, it was restored as it had been built in 1548 by Wilhelm von Haes.

In 1938, the provincial administration acquired the castle from the family of Loe. The northeastern side wing of the gatehouse with a Gothic oriel was rebuilt in the 1960s. The interior rooms of the castle, then in a state of disrepair, were extensively restored. In 1976, the castle was sold to the Neisse family.

(Images: Degenhard Neisse, Burg Konradsheim)