Altstadt Hückeswagen

Historic old town of Hückeswagen


Auf´m Schloss 1

42499 Hückeswagen

Phone: (+49(0)2192) 935204

The historic old town of Hückeswagen has maintained the charm of a small Bergisch town over the centuries. The slated, timber-framed houses nestle into the Count of Hückeswagen’s castle, which is built on a hill. The representative town houses bear testament to the prosperity of their builders, who often made their fortunes as cloth weavers and fabric merchants. The old town invites you to take a pleasant stroll or a walking tour of the town.

Numerous events, such as the ‘Altstadtfest’ (old town festival) also take place in the historical alleyways. A real highlight is the summer bobsleigh race held every two years, in which teams from all of the leading bobsleigh nations such as the USA, Germany, Russia, Latvia and Italy take part and race through the alleys of the old town in real bobsleighs.

You can get to know the historical old town of Hückeswagen on your own or by participating in a tour with an expert guide. Guided tours of the town or museum (Heimatmuseum) can be booked at Hückeswagen Tourist Information.

(Images: Dominik Ketz)