Castle Drachenburg


Drachenfelsstraße 118

53639 Königswinter

Phone: (02223) 901970

Facsimile: (02223) 901978

High above the river Rhine at the slope of the Drachenfels mountain in a wonderful location – this is how the Castle Drachenburg presents itself as a treasure of the 19th century. With the construction of this magical castle, the son of a Bonn-based gastronomer – the later Baron Stephan von Sarter – made his dream come true.
The castle’s architecture and the interiors still remind of the period of promoterism, in which styles of earlier epochs were connected to become one new unit. Despite extensive renovation works, which have to be carried out inside and outside of the castle in the next years to come, a visit to Castle Drachenburg is an impressive experience.

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(Images: Tourismus Siebengebirge GmbH)

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