La Redoute


Kurfürstenallee 1

53177 Bonn-Bad Godesberg

Phone: (0228) 688 988 0

Facsimile: (0228) 688 988 99

An elegant house for game and dancing

The French name Redoute, meaning ball, marks the meaning of this graceful late Classicistic building. It forms a noble frame for receptions, balls and concerts still today.

It is the last building of the electoral period, a house of game and dancing for the court society, a building which was erected on the orders of Elector Max Franz in a noble Classicistic style, in order to support his health resort Godesberg. The architects were Michael Leydel, father and son. They created a central tract with three axes, which is crowned by an attic carrying six figures. In its interior, in the so-called Beethoven hall”, the decoration of this extremely elegant period is still as it used to be.
The young Beethoven made music here in front of Haydn, and Mozart’s Zauberflöte is said to have had one of its first performances here. Today, La Redoute serves as a wonderful place for concerts, balls, big receptions and gala dinners.