Sea Life Königswinter


Rheinallee 8

53639 Königswinter-Altstadt

Phone: (02223) 2970

Adequate for children

Discover the fascination of the home submarine world. The leisure attraction Sea Life Königswinter is Europe’s biggest network of sea aquarium. Here the visitor will start his tour of the submarine world of the river Rhine and will then discover the fascination of the most different marine animals up to the depths of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. On a total ground of 2,000 m² the visitors can “dive” into a submarine world of more than 6,000 fish from about 100 species, such as dogfish and sharks, morays, rays, seahorses and many more. A special highlight is the 360 degree acrylic-glass tunnel, which is unique in Germany, through which the visitors can pass the Atlantic basin. This way sharks and rays can be experienced closely face to face.
For the first time, the Sea Life Königswinter takes up the world of sagas and fairytales. A magical journey kidnaps the visitor into the myth of the "Rheingold", the sunken city of Atlantis, captain Nemo's empire and into the fairtale of the Flying Dutchman. Information boards, films about marine animals and lectures of our visitor guides complete the visit and make it become an instructive excursion into the home submarine world. A special exhibition of Greenpeace sensitises the visitors for the threatened ecological systems right in front of our door. After a tour of approximately 1.5 hours the visitors can finally take a break in the Sea Life Restaurant, while the little ones can romp in the play corner.

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