Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelm University


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53113 Bonn

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Former residence of the electors of Cologne

Since 1818, the former electoral residential castle has been forming the main building of Bonn’s university, which accommodates the humane-discipline faculty. 

Since 1818, Bonn’s university has had its seat in the former residence of the electors of Cologne. The building, which originally was the permanent residence of the electors of Cologne  in the 13th century, was heavily damaged by the bombardment of the city in 1689.
From 1697 – 1705, Elector Joseph Clemens commissioned the Italian Enrico Zuccali to erect a castellum-like, rectangular inner court.
In the years 1715 – 1723, Robert de Cotte opened this strict construction towards the south and gave it the great “Hofgarten” (court gardens) with a wonderful view to the Siebengebirge.
The castle was always renovated after it was totally burned out twice – in 1777 and 1944. With its long East wing the building almost reaches the River Rhine. In between is the “Koblenzer Tor” (Koblenz gate) of Michel Leveilly, on top of which a gold-plated archangel is enthroned.