Aussenansicht Godesburg



Auf dem Godesberg 5

53177 Bonn

Phone: (0228) 316071

Facsimile: (0228) 311218

For 800 years, Godesburg castle has towered over the Bonn district of Godesberg, which is named after it. One of the first hill castles on the Rhine, the fortress complex was built in 1210 by Dietrich von Hengebach in order to monitor the river on the southern border of the Archbishopric of Cologne. During the Middle Ages, the castle was a popular place to stay among the electorate princes of Cologne. In 1583, it was dynamited by the Catholic Bavarian troops after the electorate prince at the time, Archbishop Truchsess zu Waldburg, joined the Reformists and was renounced by the Pope. Only the castle keep remained. The terraced castle cemetery contains the tombs of well-known individuals. From Godesburg castle, there is a wide view over Bad Godesberg, the Siebengebirge hills and the Rhine valley.

(Images: Bundesstadt Bonn)