Cologne zoo


Riehler Straße 173

50735 Cologne

Phone: (0221) 56799100

Facsimile: (0221) 7785111

Adequate for children

In the northern district of Riehl, you’ll find Cologne zoo, which was founded in 1860. Over 500 species from all five continents and all the seas of the world can be admired here.

One special attraction in Germany’s largest elephant park are currently the young elephants. The monkeys love to play about in the jungle house. A jungle atmosphere is created right up close by the exotic birds and reptiles.

In 2010, a new project was realised to mark the zoo’s 150th anniversary - the hippodrome. This is an African river landscape, where hippopotami, Nile crocodiles, Sitatunga antelopes and other inhabitants of the southern African river plains live. The zoo offers a unique insight into this unique river landscape - under water, through a 15m-long glass panel, and from up high, at eye level with the birds.

In the aquarium, visitors are given fascinating insights into the underwater world. Colourful fish and various other marine animals such as starfish, sea-horses and anemones can be seen. Bird enthusiasts can also visit the “owl monastery”.

(Images: © KölnerZoo, © KölnerZoo, © KölnerZoo / Rolf Schlosser)



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