Burg Lüftelberg

Moated castle Lüftelberg


Schloßstr. 7

53340 Meckenheim-Lüftelberg

A fortress of Baroque style

The beautiful outward appearance the fortress has today came into being in the second half of the 18th century. Occasionally, the fortress forms a festive location for concerts.

The fortress Lüftelberg, once residence of high-ranking people from Cologne, was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1260. In the 15th century, the estate was expanded to become a fortress with four round towers and a surrounding water ditch. The outward appearance it has today was created from 1730 on. Johann Heinrich Roth, the court architect, erected a Baroque building with high curb roofs and a beautiful portal, however, he used the existing walling and integrated three of the four older round towers.

A central room of the two-wing manor-house is the garden hall, which was decorated in a rich way to become the festival hall. High windows display the garden architecture; the hall itself reflects the garden subject with its wall paintings and stuccowork. Today, the fortress is the property of the family von Jordan.

(Images: Ch. Heinen, Ch. Heinen, Rhein-Voreifel Touristik e.V.)