Schloss Türnich palace


Schloss Türnich 1

50169 Kerpen-Türnich

Phone: (02237) 974697

At first sight, Schloss Türnich palace is a classic Rhenish aristocratic residence. Embedded in the green water meadows of the Erft river, surrounded by moats, it has a manor house and outer bailey, a chapel and mill, formal gardens and a landscape park.
The history of the palace goes back to 898 AD. The first picture of the palace, which shows the building that was replaced by today’s complex, dates from 1681. In the mid-18th century, the owner at the time, Baron Carl Ludwig von Rolshausen, built the late Baroque manor house. Since 1850, it has been owned by the von und zu Hoensbroech family. Designed according to the principles of the English landscape garden, the Obstpark (“fruit park”) Schloss Türnich combines fruit cultivation and landscape design. Next to the palace park, the 37-hectare area offers an interconnected habitat of extended hedges and untamed meadows. The meadows contain areas where fruit is grown. The fruit is cultivated using biodynamic methods. In 1994, the fruit park was officially certified as a demeter® farm. Regular checks are made by both the Demeter association and in conformity with the EU directive on organic farming.
The palace ensemble with its many special features is also home to a bio-certified café. Here, all dishes, as well as the cake and bread, are home-made and freshly prepared. Only bio-certified ingredients are used. The fruit juice is also pressed from Schloss Türnich palace’s own demeter farm and home-made lemonades are also served according to the season.

(Images: Schloss Türnich Betriebsgesellschaft mbH)