Moated castle Gudenau


Burg Gudenau

53343 Wachtberg-Villip

A pituresque castle

The imposing two-part water-surrounded castle is the biggest castle in the community of Wachtberg. What is quite special is its park, as it is the only well-maintained private Baroque garden of the Rhineland.

In a wonderful meadowland at the foot of Villip, in which the brooks of Godesberg and Arzdorf meet, you will find the water-surrounded castle Gudenau. It was erected in the 13th century. Its four-wing main fortress with the big park at the back was expanded around 1560. During that time components like bays or scalloped crests were added to it. The impressive garden was created under an Italian influence in the 17th century. A second fore-fortress dominates the front side of the castle with its mighty five-floor gate tower, a  slated hipped roof and an octagonal clock tower. The main fortress has a Gothic bay and a round corner tower with a pointed slate crest; the other three corner towers bear Baroque crests. The elements of the many different style epochs fit together wonderfully to become a picturesque castle.

(Images: Heinz Contzen)