Schloss Paffendorf castle



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The Paffendorf bailiwick was first officially mentioned in 1230. The complex, which was built in red brick in the Renaissance style, and which is still entirely surrounded by moats today, originates largely from the period between 1531 and 1546. It was redesigned in 1861 and 1865, when the plain brick buildings were decorated with a large number of neo-Gothic elements. The horseshoe-shaped outer bailey ensemble was re-built in the mid-18th century. Today, Schloss Paffendorf castle contains the RWE Power AG information centre, with an exhibition on the Rhenish hard coal region. In the castle courtyard, RWE Power AG organises open-air concerts during the summer months, with artists from the local region. The castle also has a brasserie in the courtyard, offering small snacks as well as unusual menus.
Located directly on the Erft Cycle Route, the castle has become a popular day trip destination. The 7.5-hectare castle park with a forestry education garden has extensive water features, old sequoias, ginko trees and western red cedars, and should be a “must-see” for every visitor. The park is included in the “Straße der Gartenkunst” (“Horticulture route”) in North Rhine-Westphalia.

(Images: Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V., Heinrich Pützler, Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V., Rhein-Erft Tourismus e.V.)

Opening hours

Exhibition: Saturday, Sunday, and open on legal holidays: 10:00 - 17:00

Business hours Palace Gardens:
April- September daily 10:00 - 19:00,
October- March daily 10:00 - 17:00