Castle Augustusburg



50321 Brühl

Phone: (02232) 44000

Facsimile: (02232) 9443127

A Rococo masterpiece, Castle Augustusburg in the town of Brühl is an inseparable part of the history of great European architecture in the first half of the 18th century.
In 1725, the Prince Elector Clemens August commissioned architect Johann Konrad Schlaun from Westphalia to erect a castle residence on the foundations of a medieval fortress. As prime examples of the art of castle building in the 18th century, Castle Augustusburg and Castle Falkenlust have been adopted into the UNESCO’s list of World heritage sites. They were the first creations of the Rococo style of any importance in Germany, and for half a century they served as examples for numerous princely courts in Germany. They are open to the public throughout the year. 

(Images: Florian Monheim, Meerbusch, Florian Monheim, Meerbusch, Horst Gummersbach, Horst Gummersbach)