Moated castle of Adendorf


Burg Adendorf

53343 Wachtberg-Adendorf

Impressive Towers

The water-surrounded castle of Adendorf, a building from the 17th century, is surrounded by wide ditches and protected by impressive towers.

The ground plan of today’s water-surrounded castle of Adendorf goes back to the first building of 1337. Just the foundation walls and the four corner towers were maintained from this building. The two-floor building of the main fortress with its four corner towers was expanded from 1655 to 1670. The horseshoe-shaped domestic building with its two peel towers forms the fore-fortress. It was originally separated from the main fortress by a wide water ditch. Today, a two-armed flight of outdoor stairs connects the buildings with each other and leads through a gate hall into a square inner court with Renaissance-style facades. The coat of arms of the Messrs. von der Leyen, the former lords of the castle of the water-surrounded castle of Adendorf in the 16th century, can be seen in the main entrance of the manor-house. Today, the knight’s estate belongs to the barons of Loe, who have been the owners of the fortress since 1815.

(Images: Burg Adendorf)