Beethon Denkmal



Wachsbleiche 17

53111 Bonn

Beethoven-Skulptur "Beethon"
The house of birth of the big composer in the middle of the city is a place of pilgrimage for the friends of music from all over the world. It is the only residence of the Beethoven family in Bonn, which is still maintained and in almost its original condition.

It has become a symbol of the Beethoven city of Bonn: the concrete sculpture “BEETHON” of Professor Klaus Kammerichs, an artist from Düsseldorf. Since 1986 it has been standing in front of the Beethoven hall. 

BEETHON was created by Professor Kammerichs as a contribution to the exhibition “Myth Beethoven” for the Beethoven Festival in 1986. The sculpture was supposed to stand in front of the concert hall as a loan from the artist up until the 2000-year festival of the city of Bonn in 1989. At the end of 1990, the municipal council decided to acquire BEETHON. It took the artist five months to finish the sculpture. He constructed the Styrofoam foundry moulds (with the help of a special saw, which had a size of four metres) in his studio in Düsseldorf. These moulds were put back together in Bonn and were then filled with reinforced concrete. Klaus Kammerichs developed this new form of a sculpture between duplication and abstraction in the 70s. His works are represented in important collections in Europe, the US and Japan.

(Images: Hans Weingartz