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“Calculating now and then”: the Arithmeum in the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn is one of the new Bonn-based museums, which offers its visitors the experience of learning and understanding scientific and technical facts on the one hand, and aesthetic pleasure of architecture, exhibition design and art on the other hand.
With its world-wide leading collection of mechanical calculators, as well as bizarre wheel mechanisms, historical calculating books, highly integrated logic chips, but also museums concerts, the Arithmeum offers a unique museum concept.
As a central institution of the University of Bonn it was established in the new building of the Research Institute for Discrete Mathematics with additional financial means of the Federal Republic of Germany and was opened in 1999. A visit to the Arithmeum shows that science is not only thrilling and fascinating, but that it can also be nice and even amusing.

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