Love locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

Thousands of individually decorated locks adorn the Rhine bridge, because Cologne’s Hohenzollern Bridge is a place of pilgrimage for lovers. As a symbol of eternal love and fidelity, couples in love attach their lock to the grating of the bridge and throw the key into the Rhine.

Cologne’s Hohenzollern Bridge was built between 1907 and 1911. One section of the bridge was reserved for road traffic and trams, the other two for railway lines. On 6 March 1945, the Wehrmacht blew up the bridge in order to prevent the Allies from crossing the Rhine.

After the end of World War Two, one of the two railway bridges was rebuilt and opened in 1948. Two further trussed arches were added later. Today’s six-track railway bridge has pedestrian and cycle paths on both sides.

(Images: © KölnTourismus GmbH_ Dieter Jacobi, © KölnTourismus GmbH)