RV Campground Bergheim



50126 Bergheim-Paffendorf

Phone: (02271) 89539

Facsimile: (02271) 8971539

Near Paffendorf Castle

  • Location: Parking area near Kastanienallee in the suburb of Paffendorf 
  • GPS data: Latitude 50° 57' 50.2210 - Longitude 06° 36' 44.2476
  • Area: 8 marked sites on asphalt parking area 
  • Supply and disposal: currently none
  • Location: Quiet and idyllic in the middle of Erft marshes, in the immediate vicinity the Erft River and the Paffendorf Water Castle, as well as various hiking and biking paths. A city map and useful hints for your stay are available at an information showcase.  
  • On site facilities: Bakery, restaurants, savings & loan, train station, bus station, gas station.
  • Activities within 1 km distance: Miniature golf, soccer field, playground, barbeque hut (can be rented from Site Manager, Phone: 02271/ 42141), kayaking, glider plane airfield, fishing, biking, inline skating.
  • Next grocery supermarket: approx. 2 km
  • Sports and leisure center and swimming pool: approx. 3 km  
  • Distance to downtown Bergheim: approx. 2 km