Gymnicher Mühle

Gymnicher Mühle mill nature park centre


Gymnicher Mühle 1

50374 Erftstadt-Gymnich

Phone: (02237) 63880-20

Facsimile: (02271) 832318

Adequate for children

The Gymnicher Mühle is an old water mill on the river Erft. It was first officially recorded in 1315, although it is probably much older.
In 1563, it was moved to its current location. Towards the end of the Second World War, the mill was put out of operation and all the technical equipment was removed.
Today, the Gymnicher Mühle is a nature park centre and a popular day trip destination. A fascinating nature experience programme has been developed for school, kindergarten and adult groups. In the Erftmuseum and in the “Korn zum Brot” (“Grain to Bread”) exhibition, the particular features of the Erft and the history of the mills is explained.
During the summer, the 1.5-hectare water adventure park with its different interactive stations is a particular favourite among children.
Hikers and cyclists can explore the Erftaue watermeadows along several signposted routes.

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