Balkantrasse Panorama Radweg (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail)

From the lowland plains of the Rhine to the hilly landscape of the Bergisch region


Distance 50,4 km
Roundtrip: no
Signage: along the route
start Leverkusen-Rheindorf
end Wuppertal-Oberbarmen

Adequate for children

Suitable for pushchairs | picnic areas

Balkantrasse provides an ideal connection. The name is reminiscent of the “Balkan Express” - which is what the former railway line from Leverkusen-Opladen and Remscheid-Lennep was commonly known as. From 1868 until the 1980s, trains rolled through here; today charming insights and views open up from the perspective of the saddle: Forest, meadows, pretty houses and gardens, the town centres of Burscheid, Wermelskirchen, Bergisch Born and Lennep - urban living alternates with idyllic rural scenes. Along the route, milestones act as reminders of it’s history as a railway line, and there are plenty of rest stops and restaurants in the towns.

One major advantage of stretches along the railway lines is that there are hardly any inclines and the Bergisches Land - famous for its hilly landscape - can be explored wonderfully by bicycle. A new highlight has thus been created for families.

Remscheid-Lennep train station is on the edge of the historical town centre with its almost perfectly circular medieval layout and listed buildings. For anyone with a thirst for knowledge, it is well worth taking a detour to the Deutsche Röntgen-Museum (German X-ray Museum). Balkantrasse was completed in 2014 and was realised thanks to the civic involvement of Förderverein Balkantrasse Leverkusen e.V., among others.

During the summer months from March to October, the "Bergische FahrradBus" or Bergisch bicycle bus travels between Leverkusen-Opladen and Marienheide on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and stops along the Panoramaradweg Balkantrasse (Balkantrasse Panorama Cycle Trail) in Opladen, Burscheid and Wermelskirchen. Up to 20 bikes can be transported at the same time on the bus trailer. Further information can be found at

(Images: Dominik Ketz, Stadt Wermelskirchen, Stadt Wermelskirchen, Dominik Ketz, Stadt Wermelskirchen, Manfred Görgens)

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Route Description

Leverkusen, Burscheid, Wermelskirchen, Bergisch-Born, Remscheid-Lennep, Remscheid-Lüttringhausen, Wuppertal-Oberbarmen